Radiator & Cooling System Water 5L (RCSW)


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Radiator & Cooling System Water 5L

  • Deionised and demineralised water doesn’t contain minerals and salt ions
  • Wont cause mineral or scale build up
  • Reduces the risk or premature corrosion
  • OEM Specification demineralised water
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Radiator & Cooling System Water 5L

Ensures optimum coolant additive performance protection over the life of the coolant. Guaranteed to provide cleaner and more efficient cooling over tap water

Do it Once Do it Right
Radiator water contains fewer reactive chemicals resulting in optimum coolant life, system protection and anti-freeze and anti-boil performance.
All Nulon Pre-Mixed and Top-Up coolants use our premium De-Ionised and De-Mineralised Radiator Water.

Why Nulon Radiator Water should always be used.

Probably the poorest choice of blending coolant is to use standard tap water. The minerals found in the water when introduced into engine coolant are the source of several concerns.

Calcium: forms scale on hot heat exchange surfaces with this radiator system. Scale is an insulator, and the result is localized engine overheating that can cause component failure.

Magnesium: also can form scale, creating localized overheating and heat damaged engine heads.

Silicate: In water, silicate is the result of sand, which is frequently found in cooling systems, and is associated with premature wear due to its natural abrasion.

Chloride: Most tap waters contain chlorine, resulting in the formation of chlorides in the coolant. Chlorides are aggressive to aluminium and can create premature wear.

Oxygen: Tap water is full of oxygen. Oxygen contributes to premature metal corrosion and rapid depletion of corrosion inhibitors thus reducing the effective life of the coolant

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